Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween on Hamilton Ave!

Boo! Scary, Huh?

Happy Halloween Everyone! We've finally settled in to the new house (more pics on that later) and welcomed some local kids over for Halloween Trick or Treating. They arrived between 5pm-9pm- adorned in everyday clothing with a smidge of makeup on their cheeks, wings, or a mask. And they carried Superfresh plastic bags. Only in Baltimore.

I recently painted our door red- I think it looks great! More Hamilton House before and afters to come!

We scored these great footie PJ's at Target for $24.99 each. They're made by Nick and Nora Designs. I absolutely love them! At first it was just something silly to wear around the house- but as the weather got colder, I really began to appreciate how WARM they are! I had to twist Josh's arm to get him to don a pair- but he loves them now (even though they are itchy to him!). Not to mention we haven't had to turn on our heat once this winter (even when it hit 35 degrees at night!) we've just been using space heaters in our family room and bedroom- and wearing our onesies (and, of course, they doubled as Halloween costumes!). Best purchase this winter!

I think this was Josh's scary face? For the kids? In a onesie?

*Recession friendly tip*

My neighbor, Vanessa, hosted a Halloween themed 'Candy Hunt' in her backyard for her children. Vanessa has 4 kids- and it was significantly more cost-effective (and safer!) for her to purchase candy and set the kids loose to find it. She said she saved $100 bucks in costumes- not to mention saved time from walking the kids around the neighborhood in 40 degree weather! Post backyard hunting, the kids came in for scary movies and popcorn. I think this may be a plan we'll use when we have little ones of our own.

*end of Recession Friendly tip*

Josh and I got into the Halloween spirit and decked out the house in webs and ghouls- and I even carved a classic Jack o' Lantern! We threw on our footie pajamas (not entirely costumes- we wear them around the house to reduce our heating bills!) - and ate candy in between visitors! It was a blast!

So eerie at night, huh? I'm super scared!

Just a small note to our readers: We haven't been good about posting (sorry all...) But that's about to change since we've been nominated for a MOBBIE!!! (The Baltimore Sun's Award for Best Maryland Blogs!) See the post below to vote for us!

The challenge is on- and we're going to give you what you've been asking for! Read below for a 'Year in Review' posting by Josh, and soon to come; more local restaurant and bar reviews (Hamilton-Lauraville is the BEST place to live in Baltimore) and of course, Our Hamilton House 'before and afters' (lots of inexpensive re-do and decor options!) 

Thanks for reading everybody, and stay tuned!


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