Tuesday, March 24, 2009

American Pie

Josh started his new job, yesterday- and we decided to celebrate with a great big slice of pie. For this particular pie-outing, we decided to stop by Baltimore's famous Pie Shop:

Proprietor: Rodney Henry est. 2003

We drove over (its walking distance, but its so cold outside)- and got in the door, just a bit before closing time. The owner, Rodney Henry, was right at the register, taking an Apple pie out of the oven behind him (He was baking the entire time we were there!)

As a die-hard cake lover, I have to admit, the smell was intoxicating as a wafted from the pie display case and oven, through the door. I couldn't wait to sample the buttery crust, of a bubbling hot pie.

I ordered a slice of hot apple pie, and a glass of whole milk (I'm a skim milk drinker, but it seems like there's only one way to eat apple pie). I forgot to take a picture of the pie slice, until after I ate it- but I assure you, it was great looking and delicious.

Definitely one of Josh and I's new favorite places on "The Avenue" (West 36th Street in Baltimore, MD).

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  1. Love the posts about fooding! I've been meaning to try that place for a while.