Saturday, March 14, 2009

Home Alone 8: Lost in Baltimore

Just Morty and me, all weekend

I think it's happened. I think it's official, and there's nothing I can do about it. I've turned into that 'type.' You know what 'type' I'm talking about- the 'We-'er' type. The Person in a Relationship that is so used to starting their sentences with 'Significant Other and I'- that when said SigOther is gone, you're kinda lost.

As you can see from the aforementioned post, Josh is spending the weekend in Atlantic City with his guy friends. Now, while I'll never ever begrudge him a weekend with 'the boys'- as a matter of fact, I encourage it- I can't help but realize that because we spend so much time together, I don't have much to do when he isn't around.

There are always the standard 'go-to's'- cleaning, laundry, new recipe, manicure, haircut- but realistically, who wants to do most of those things when you have free time. I do have a few girl/guy friends in the area- but not one is available on a whim. It's so different from my college days when there was TOO much to do. Several Parties, or if I didn't feel like going out- there was always just getting together with a bunch of friends and watching movies in someone's dorm. It was fun- all the time.

I wonder if this is what life holds for the 'couple' for the rest of our lives. It's good while he's here (great, even)- but when he's gone- I'm half missing. Not my attempt at being cheesy- but seriously it any good that I am this reliant on another individual for entertainment? Does this happen to everyone- or am I alone (both literally and proverbially) Hmm...


  1. I'm often available on a whim. :)

  2. Hey you could call me on Skype tonight after my Rotary Exam, hehe always fun!